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Founded in 1990
Raptors, Inc. is a not-for-profit volunteer organization dedicated to the preservation of our earth through the rehabilitation and release of injured or orphaned birds of prey and in-depth environmental education. Located in Phoenix, AZ, Raptors, Inc. has come to the aid of approximately 1000 birds over the past ten years.

A "Raptor" is something that catches its prey from above with talons such as hawks, falcons, eagles, owls and osprey. Other birds that are meat-eaters, scavengers or catch their prey differently are called "Birds of Prey." This is why paleontologists have named a family of dinosaurs "Raptors"... although they obviously didn't fly, they stalked or ambushed their prey and jumped on it using their famous claws to rip it open. The most common raptors in Arizona are the Redtail Hawk, Harris Hawk and the Great Horned Owl.

All native wildlife is protected in the United States - even those species that have a designated hunting season. For birds, the only ones not protected are House Sparrows, Starlings, and Pigeons. These birds aren't protected because they were brought into the U.S. from elsewhere, making them non-native to the Continental U.S.

We are all part of the whole that is our world. We must learn respect for our brothers and sisters, human and non-human. It is through education and awareness that attitudes are changed, so we work hard to provide experiences that are enlightening and challenging while expanding peoples' horizons. Raptors, Inc. and our volunteers all share a concern for the future of this planet we call home. After all, it's our children and grandchildren who must suffer the consequences of our present actions.

We are currently taking donations and looking for volunteers to assist with many departments of Raptors, Inc. If you would like more information on how you can help, call us at (602) 404-8743 or email Raptors, Inc.

Raptors, Inc.  ·  15872 North 18th St.  ·  Phoenix, AZ 85022   ·  (602) 404-8743   ·   birdcall@raptorsinc.org

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